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British Writers Not Only Write About, But Also Act Like Children

Originally Posted in Industry News Corp, January 8, 2013

British writers are known for creating some of the best children’s literature on the planet. Although many are not aware of their origin, books like Alice in Wonderland, Humpty Dumpty, Treasure Island, and the Chronicles of Narnia all have British origins. Hands down, Britain has turned out some of the greatest writers in history. However, it was not until recent that I learned about a few modern British writers who act like children themselves.

It was an August 2012 article written by Nick Cohen of the Observer that sparked my interest and caused me to look further into what he was saying within. In the article, he states that journalists and writes are treated differently in Britain than they are in America. His point of the article is that journalists in the United Kingdom can get away with anything, including plagiarism, while journalists in the United States will lose their job and their careers for doing the same thing. While Mr. Cohen makes some good points, his logics failed him when it comes to what journalists and writers can “get away with.”

Although not a big fan of Cohen, I do read his work as he has written some brilliant articles. However, it was this particular article that seems to be something so different than his normal writing, it makes me suspect that he has lumped himself in with the British journalists he refers to. “They are more devious and much darker and stranger than their foreign counterparts,” Cohen says referring to the Brits. “Our frauds do not just want to make money, but to humiliate their rivals as they play out their revenge fantasies on the web.” Cohen also states that, “Americans are one-dimensional,” and “tend to be journalists of average ability who want the status of a great writer and the money that comes with it.” Ah, now he gets it.


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